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05/2023 The Flame Passes On

12/2022 Happy New Year from the Capitol!

11/2022 Who Are We Thanking?

07/2022 Standing on the Rock

12/2021 Happy New Year From the Capitol

12/2021 End-of-Year Update Video

11/2021 Light for Capitol Staff

1/2021 A Christian Inauguration?

12/2020 Light Behind Closed Doors

10/2020 Zooming Forward at the Capitol

4/2020 God is Solid … Even When Nothing Else Is

3/2020 Ministry to the Capitol During Coronavirus

12/2019 New Year’s Peace

11/2019 Thanks from the Capitol

5/2019 Family Update

12/2018 Happy New Year from the Capitol

12/2018 God’s Love for Lobbyists