Endorsements from Legislators

Endorsements from Capitol Staff & Lobbyists

Endorsements from Ministry Leaders

2 Samuel 23:3b “The one who rules over mankind righteously, who rules in the fear of God, is like the light of morning at sunrise.”

“It is because of Pastor Frank Erb that I have a life-changing relationship with the Lord. Pastor Erb was the first person in my life who really articulated Christ’s desire to have a deep personal relationship with me. I will be forever grateful.”

Shane Lavigne, Lobbyist

“Serving in the Legislature should be an experience serving God’s purposes, but it is ironically one that can take you farther from God. Pastor Frank Erb has prevented that for me.” 

Assemblymember Das Williams (Santa Barbara)

“I am so grateful that Pastor Frank Erb helps California legislators stop and seek God’s wisdom and guidance through the Legislators Bible Studies every Wednesday. It would be wonderful if all legislators would someday share this blessed time together. I am indeed so blessed to have Frank as my Capitol Pastor.”

Assemblymember Steven Choi (Orange County)

“The spiritual support that Pastor Frank Erb provides to legislators is a welcome addition to our busy week. The meetings provide time to study the Bible and better understand its meaning, which is very helpful.”

Senator Jim Beall (San Jose)

“Frank Erb is the moral heart of the Capitol community. As legislators we spend so much time with the details of bills and laws that we can neglect the bigger picture. Frank’s Biblical teachings and reflections help us focus on more than just what is legal, but what is right. He helps me and other legislators live a Christ-filled life and I treasure our time together sharing the wisdom and love of God.”

Senator, BOE Member, Ted Gaines (El Dorado Hills)

“I have been attending Pastor Erb’s bible discussion and discipleship groups for more than 2 years. Frank’s insight into the Bible is remarkable and his ability to explain it in simple, clear terms make the meetings so powerful and rewarding. I have been a Christ follower for 36 years and am quite familiar with the bible, but I always walk away with fresh insight and perspective after attending the meetings. However, Frank’s best quality, in my opinion, is his genuine interest in others; no matter who you are or whatever your background, Frank will make time for you…to me, that is Christ-likeness.”

Gary Gutierrez, Engineer, California Department of Transportation

“It’s very easy to lose sight of why we’re really here on this planet. Frank Erb and his ministry brings that home here at the Capitol. I encourage every legislature to have this in their Capitol, and every legislator who I meet should take part in something like this. It’s very important to their spiritual life.

Senator Sam Aanestad (Grass Valley)

“Chaos and distraction from God come with elected office. Pastor Frank Erb helps provide a refreshing pause during the week, with spiritual support and nourishment that helps keep us elected officials better grounded in God’s word.”

Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff (Diamond Bar)

“When I became a believer in the fall of 2018, I did not have many role-models for how a Christian man should live his life. I had hundreds of questions, and was desperate for someone to learn from. When I was introduced to Pastor Frank Erb by my wife who also works in state government, my prayers were answered. Frank brings an academic and scientific perspective to his teachings, and his knowledge of Scripture is incredible. Any time I have a question or want to talk about something that is weighing on my heart, Frank is willing to take the extra time to talk and pray with me. Since being introduced to Frank, I have developed a deeper relationship with Jesus and a greater understanding of His teachings in the Bible. Praise God for Pastor Frank Erb!” 

Harrison Anderson, State Analyst

“Frank Erb is a true friend of legislators and all of us. He selflessly comes to the Capitol, giving of himself to be a comfort, an inspiration, a guide and a companion. He is a bed rock example of faith to those who thirst for guidance, understanding, empathy and real caring in their challenged lives. He has spent real time in the pressure cooker environment of Sacramento so he understands what all those who work in the Capitol and in the agencies must contend with. He is a respected and dear friend.” 

Senator Jim Nielsen (Gerber)

In the State Capitol, Pastor Frank Erb earnestly encourages the legislators who attend his weekly Bible studies. The spiritual support he provides through the inspiration of the Word helps us honor God and remain strong for those we serve.”   

Assembly Minority Leader Martin Garrick (Carlsbad)

“Frank Erb has been a profound influence and help to me during a very difficult time in my life. I will eternally be grateful because Frank was available and accessible to listen and help me develop a truly intimate and genuine relationship with Christ. This changed the entire trajectory of my life. I strongly urge everyone in the Capitol to tap into this ministry and experience the joy of trusting every day in God’s care and promises for us.”

Chief of Staff, California State Assembly, 2019

“During my time in the Legislature, I have come to count on Pastor Frank Erb as I work through the many challenges, both personal and professional, I face in the State Capitol.  Frank’s candor and ability to apply scripture to everyday life have made him an invaluable part of the Capitol community and I am proud to call him a friend.”

Assemblymember Cameron Smyth (Santa Clarita)

“Knowing Frank Erb and that he is praying for us and helping us has made a big difference in my time in the legislature. I am thankful for his commitment to the Lord’s work.

Assemblymember Cheryl Brown (Rialto)

“Frank Erb’s ministry at the Capitol is an extremely important ministry. I spent 31 years on the California Highway Patrol patrolling some of the toughest districts in the state in South Central Los Angeles. but I will tell you this Capitol building is a very, very, tough environment. It is a spiritual warfare here. So, we need your help, and remember us in your daily prayers.”

Assemblyman Danny Gilmore (Hanford)

“Pastor Frank Erb allowed me to keep Jesus first and foremost in my heart and mind while at the State Capitol.” 

U.S. Congress Member, former State Senator, Juan Vargas (San Diego)

“Pastor Frank Erb is absolutely necessary inside the State Capitol. I know firsthand that the halls and office of the Capitol can be the loneliest places around. Legislators often do not share their pains or personal crisis because of fear. Frank lets them know that Jesus is listening and loves them. The weekly Bible study offers legislators and staff a break from politics and an opportunity to focus on the eternal. I encourage everyone to support this ministry with their prayers and their resources.”

Senator, Assembly Minority Leader, Bill Leonard

“Frank Erb of is performing a valuable service to legislators in Sacramento by providing necessary spiritual support that assists us in keeping our priorities straight.”

Assemblymember Dan Logue (Marysville)

“I urge support for Frank Erb’s work. His discernment, his strict focus on the Biblical Word, and his desire to help me continue trying to live the life that God has planned for me is a gift from God. He is engaged in laying the cornerstone of faith among legislators that will help them keep God first in their lives. All of us who have experienced inviting Christ into our lives know that this is what will put out state back on the right track faster and better than any other action.”

Senate Minority Leader Jean Fuller (Bakersfield)

“I am thankful for Frank Erb’s support and friendship during my time in the Senate. I will always remember the fellowship and love in the room during our weekly Legislators’ Bible Study group.”

Senator Roderick Wright (Inglewood)

“Frank Erb is a treasure to me and many others within California’s Capitol. For several years now, I have witnessed him faithfully and passionately teach the word of God to legislators and their staffers, lobbyists, state workers, and encourage them to live out their faith within a profession that can be very hostile to Christianity.”

Greg Burt, Legislative Staff, Capitol Advocacy Organization