A Biblical View of Government

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It was a joy to teach on A Biblical View of Government at Redding Christian Fellowship last Sunday. 

We who are followers of Jesus are to 1) Show Respect to Government, 2) Participate in Government, and 3) Bring the Light to Government.

It’s a hugely important topic in these politically divisive times. 

I would love to hear any of your thoughts.

Keep Shining for Jesus,


One Reply to “A Biblical View of Government”

  1. Hi Frank,

    Sylvia here!

    Wanted to check in and see if you’d decided about joining the California National Day of Prayer team. We need you! We really want to pray for and reach our elected officials in 2020!

    Please call, would love to pray and discuss this possibility further.


    Sylvia Johnson California State Coordinator National Day of Prayer 805-598-4792

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