Jennifer Hatfield, Capitol Senior Staff Member

“What a unique opportunity we have as Pastor Frank brings us in-depth Bible studies each week. The studies are priceless, engaging and available to anyone, regardless of party affiliation. The mid-week Bible Study offers me a chance to break away from my busy work schedule and re-focus on the Word of God and its eternal significance to me. Frank’s exuberance, passion and love for the Word of God keeps me engaged as he helps me grasp the whole story of God’s love for us through the Scriptures.  It is a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment where we can dig deeper in to understanding God’s mercy, saving grace and unconditional love for every one of us.  We can ask the hard questions of Pastor Frank and get honest answers found in Scripture as we learn about Jesus Christ and our purpose in life. Anyone, at any stage of his or her understanding of the Scriptures is welcomed without any cost or demands of you. It is a wonderful service and I have been honored to attend his studies for years and look forward to many more years to come.”