What was Missing from the Royal Wedding

A stunningly beautiful wedding for an attractive young couple who for many represent the past strength and the future hope of a once supreme nation.

But … what if everyone paid as much attention to what was said as they did to what her dress looked like?

The good: Continual mention of the one true triune God, an adequate description of His plan for marriage, and a reading from Romans 12 by bride Kate Middleton’s brother. The bad: No mention of what is most important: Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection as payment for our sins, and salvation through Him. (Unless I just missed it? Let me know if you find it.)

Of course, it’s just a ceremony … with lots of pomp and circumstance … and some wildly unusual hats …, and so most people were not really paying attention to the words anyway. So what does it matter?

Maybe … but then why say anything?

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